Vori Employee Spotlight: Lucille Benoit, Founding iOS Engineer

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Vori Employee Spotlight: Lucille Benoit, iOS Engineer

Today we’re shining a spotlight on Lucille Benoit, Vori’s pioneering iOS engineer and an all around rockstar team member. A graduate of Stanford, Lucille has been in the tech industry for about 8 years. Prior to working at Vori, she spent a few years working for DoorDash–where she was hired as engineer number 9.

Lucille Benoit, Vori's Founding iOS Engineer

<div class="r-quote-block"><span class="r-quote">The sky’s the limit. Even the most complicated tech started from zero.</span><span class="r-quote-author">Lucille Benoit</span><span class="r-quote-author-title">Founding iOS Engineer, Vori</span></div>

The Backstory

Lucille wasn’t always on track to work in tech. A daughter of two immigrants who worked in the medical field, she began her time at Stanford in pre-med. But a Computer Science 101 class changed her career trajectory. The ability to create things out of nothing initially drew Lucille to tech - and kept her there, too. 

“The sky’s the limit. Even the most complicated tech started from zero,” Lucille said. “And you slowly build up to these seemingly complex things. I love building things and being able to have a vision that seems impossible at the time and slowly make it a reality.”

Lucille came to Vori almost a year ago after taking some time off from work to travel and evaluate the goals she had for her life and career. During that time she paid close attention to how food and the environment interact, and noticed the inefficiencies in society’s current system. When she learned about Vori and first talked with CEO and co-founder Brandon Hill, she had a “yes” moment as she heard him talk about his vision around food desserts and reducing waste for grocery stores. She realized then she’d be working for a company that aligned with her values.

What’s a day-in-the-life like at Vori?

Lucille is one of two iOS engineers at Vori, and she is responsible for building and refining the company’s two apps. The first app is for retail buyers and supplier sales representatives to place wholesale inventory orders for grocery stores. The second one is newer and has yet to be announced publicly. 🤫

Since Vori is a startup, Lucille’s day-to-day work and priorities change constantly. She’s also new to the grocery space, which adds a layer of learning and adapting when designing for grocery operators who tend to use traditional business methods (i.e. fax machines) over advanced tech. With only so many hours in the day and only two members on her team, it can be a challenge to keep up with the different needs of Vori and its customers - but it’s something she loves.

“We might have one day fighting fires and helping customers, and other days where we suddenly decide we need to build a new app in three weeks and everyone is heads down,” Lucille said. “Everyone who works at Vori is extremely flexible and able to shapeshift into whatever needs to be done at that time.”

Why Vori?

The diversity at Vori stood out to Lucille immediately. During her interview process, she recalls looking at Vori on LinkedIn and seeing all types of representation - which was different from her experiences at other companies. 

“It’s amazing being able to work with and see women and people of color and not feel like you’re the only unicorn in the whole space,” she said.

<div class="r-quote-block"><span class="r-quote">It’s amazing being able to work with and see women and people of color and not feel like you’re the only unicorn in the whole space.</span><span class="r-quote-author">Lucille Benoit</span><span class="r-quote-author-title">Founding iOS Engineer, Vori</span></div>

Vori also presents Lucille with the opportunity to lead as the company grows. Her team is actively hiring right now and she is eager to assemble a full iOS team. Not only will that allow Vori to tackle all the projects it has in the pipeline, but it would give Lucille the opportunity to manage and mentor others.

“Throughout my own career, I never saw any women in leadership on my engineering team. I am excited to get to that place eventually and be that role model that younger people can look up to and see they can be leaders in tech, too,” she said. 

Another benefit to working at Vori is its startup status - although that can present challenges as well as opportunities. In Lucille’s case, she saw working for Vori as a chance to be part of the foundation of a company that will look very different a few years down the road. 

“Your impact is exponentially larger than the company is. That’s why I love small companies so much,” Lucille said.

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A few members of Team Vori at Vori's 2021 fall retreat in San Diego, California

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