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Introducing your store’s new system of record

Transform your back-of-house with incredible new capabilities. We offer many integrations with back office and point-of-sale solutions to enable you to run the retail operation of the future.


Your entire store, in sync

Vori is a turn-key platform that gives retailers inventory management superpowers — from order placement to invoice payment and every step in between.

Multi-vendor ordering

Sync product data in real-time with an automated APL feed.

Computer-assisted ordering

Make ordering efficient and accurate by leveraging sales movement data.

Internal transfers & DC

Move items between stores and from your warehouses with ease.

Receiving & credits

Scan loads into inventory and reconcile issues on-the-spot.

Digital invoicing & payments

Eliminate accounting errors with instant invoice entry and remittance.

Back Office & POS

We currently integrate with most inventory management and sales systems that power commerce in the grocery ecosystem.

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