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working with your suppliers

For suppliers, Vori is order management on autopilot

Vori provides suppliers with turn-key order aggregation. Giving them (and you!) the power of seamless EDI communication between grocer and supplier, big and small.


Unifying the food supply chain
& a fresh perspective

Suppliers get a new command post to help operate their businesses and interact with customers with ease. Vori integrates with their existing systems; so now suppliers can grow more and stress less.

Real-time inventory

Share inventory levels to improve sales and increase fill rates.

Smart item replacements

Auto-suggest item replacements for stockouts and discontinues.

Automatic order entry

Aggregate all orders into a single channel and drop them into an ERP.

Order reconciliation

Settle delivery disputes and credits  in a few clicks; everyone win.

Digital invoicing & payments

Velvety smooth accounts receivable and credit term management.


In partnership with TrueCommerce, the #1 rated EDI solution, we currently integrate with most systems that support business operations in grocery.

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