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Vori has been trusted by leading independent retailers since 2019

Get ready for a storewide reboot

Modern point-of-sale

Vori’s brings your POS experience into the internet era.

Shopper marketing & loyalty

Retain your customers better with Vori’s integrated shopper marketing experience.

Supplier-integrated back office

Improve efficiency with Vori’s end-to-end integration with hundreds of suppliers.

Pricing management

Vori helps you set prices, create a pricing strategy, and optimize it over time.

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5 stars!

Vori is an extremely effective platform for communicating with local distributors, all with excellent customer service. I recommend them to any distributor or store owner!

Darin Singh
Co-Owner, Kathmandu Market and Deli

5 stars!

“I’ve seen a lot in my career, but i’ve never seen a solution like Vori. It give us control and visibility that we’ve never had and it allows us to quickly reorder products our customers love.”

Tim Bratton
Mollie Stones, Head of IT

5 stars!

“Before Vori, we couldn’t receive against a PO and  now we have our single source of truth. Vori also enhances the communication between stores and vendors.”

Jacqueline Rosado
The Good Live Grocery, Owner

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