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Justin Phan
Brooksley Dixon
Emel Mutlu
Juan Origel

Justin Phan

Justin began his career in grocery over a decade ago. He started as a bagger and eventually rose up to co-direct Berkeley Bowl’s Asian Foods department. He’s passionate about serving his community, selling his favorite childhood products, and introducing new imported items to his diverse customer base.

Brooksley Dixon

After college, Brooksley returned to the Bay Area to help her father, Andy, build their first family grocery store on the backbone of organic fare. As the director of Andy’s Local Market, she strives to create a, inter-generational community hub where members are bonded by a universal love of food.

Emel Mutlu

Emel comes from a family of Bulgarian farmers who immigrated to the United States to pursue the American Dream. Following her roots, Emel founded the Market at Edgewood in Palo Alto alongside her husband and brother-in-law to bring diverse products to the Palo Alto community.

Juan Origel

Born in Mexico, raised in California, Juan is a legendary store owner and entrepreneur. He is known for providing convenience to the Mountain View community in California, being the first store on Instacart, and for having catered the meals to the Whatsapp team when they were a fledgling startup.

Local flavor,
global impact.

Empower local entrepreneurs

Our mission is to help local business owners bring their dreams to life: the family-ran natural grocery store owner, the immigrant wholesaler, and the up-and-coming organic food brand alike.

Reduce food waste

$40 billion in food is wasted per year, and much of that is due to the vast inefficiencies in our antiquated food supply chain. Addressing it can help drive global sustainability forward.

Combat food deserts

We can leverage our grocery data to help create equitable access to healthy food in disadvantaged communities. This impacts the health and future of those that need it most.

Bring tech to a large market

This is the grocery industry’s digital moment. We envision a future where the tech that Whole Foods pioneered becomes accessible to the rest of the trillion dollar food industry.

It was all a dream...

The idea of Vori began as a note of inspiration in 2019 from Tori and Leon Hill, who spent their 40 year careers in the grocery and consumer products space. Shockingly, very little technological advancement has happened in this industry since they were leaders in the consumer goods arena.

First scan’s a charm

Vori’s initial iOS app was built in 12 days, with substantial input and inspiration from CJ Ammermann and Jaime Pineda at the Market at Edgewood. Jaime scanned the first ever product on Vori, and said: “Wow, that gave me goosebumps!” That’s when we knew we were on to something.

An order of magnitude

The first ever wholesale order on Vori was for $200 worth of kombucha, and was written and submitted by Abi Moogk, the former Store Director of Delucchi’s Market. She later joined the Vori team, and the rest is history!

Backed by investors who share our vision of a future where food moves freely.

Max Mullen
Co-Founder, Instacart
Prince Arora
Head of Product, Safeway
Eugene Wei
Product Wizard
Kevin Lin
Co-Founder, Twitch
Todd Goldberg
Angel Investor
Rahul Vohra
Co-Founder, Superhuman
Li Jin
Angel Investor
Lenny Rachitsky
Growth, Airbnb
Ian McCarthy
VP Product, Verizon Media

Bonded by our passion for technology and grocery

We’re a radically diverse team of foodies who take pride in building products that make a measurable difference in local economies. We hail from innovative companies like SpaceX, Facebook, Whole Foods, Slack, and Airbnb.
Join our team

Defined by our local roots, we’re on a mission to reimagine the world of food.

Vori was founded in East Palo Alto, California and is headquartered in San Francisco. Our team members are spread across the Bay Area, New York City, and Puerto Rico. We’re always looking for dope new teammates to join us on this journey, click the above button to see our open roles!