Build the OS for Grocery

We’re a world-class team creating a future defined by reliable and accessible nourishment. Our technology empowers local brands, retailers, and wholesalers, unlocking data that will allow us to address food access and waste. Together, we can create the global hub of the food supply chain.


Life at Vori

Guiding tenets


Think 100x

Think big, but execute granularly. And always bias toward velocity.

Say the hard thing

Be quick to share bad news and constructive criticism so we can all grow faster.

Don’t mess with the dairy order

Ensure that Vori’s technology is as reliable as running water. Our customers expect it.

Always level up

The only way to scale this company is to scale ourselves. Continuous growth is crucial.

Design toward the obvious

Design products and systems in a way that are ridiculously easy to use and understand.

It takes a village

We are each the sum of those that poured into us. We value the role of community in our collective journey.

Local is a movement

Local business is the backbone of the American economy and 70% of all transactions are B2B. Our aim is to empower food entrepreneurs everywhere as they pursue their dreams and anchor their communities.

Hustle and flow

This journey is about more than just reimagining the grocery industry. It’s an opportunity to do some of the best work of your life while making lasting memories. Along the way, you’ll learn from the brightest and develop a full-stack founder skillset that prepares you for your next endeavor.

Distributed team, distributing food

Our rich diversity of backgrounds, geographical roots, and career pathways make us uniquely able to tackle the planet-scale problem of food supply. We are a scrappy, high-octane team that won’t stop until the mission is complete.

Dignify users through design

We’re bringing an entire industry online for the first time, building for those that technology has left behind. Our responsibility is to distill industrial complexity into art: from our product design to our data architecture. All in pursuit of making our users feel like superheroes.

Open roles

Data Scientist

Remote or San Francisco Bay Area

Software Engineer, Data

Remote or San Francisco Bay Area

Senior iOS Engineer

Remote or San Francisco Bay Area