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How does Vori drive sales?

Vori enables you to easily feature new and seasonal items, market your promotions, and fill voids. Vori also automatically recommends items to your customers, helping them meet order minimums. Lastly, customers will always know your order deadlines and get real-time replacements for out of stock items.

How does Vori protect my data?

Vori is not an auction site and will never share you data with your competitors. We also do not engage in price comparison, and only your customers can see your prices. Lastly, you can maintain your current store specific pricing on Vori and export your data whenever you wish.

How does this benefit my staff and my business?

Vori optimizes your order desk to be more efficient, allowing your staff to do higher value customer service work for strategic accounts. Vori also empowers sales reps to work faster, hitting more stores during their day.

How much does Vori cost?

Enjoy Pay as You Win® pricing, where you only pay for value you receive. Vori is very affordable with an average per order charge of about $5. The best part is, the more business you do on Vori, the cheaper the cost due to our volume discounts. Inquire today for more details!