A Note from the CEO: Vori, the Modern Grocery OS

Brandon Hill
CEO & Co-Founder

A Note From the CEO: Vori, the Modern Grocery OS

At Vori, our driving passion is to empower independent retailers with usable and effective technology, ushering in a new era of freedom and opportunity. We wholeheartedly understand that independent retailers, the heart and soul of our communities and over one-third of US grocery sales, often face countless macroeconomic challenges and are technologically ill-equipped. However, we believe that small and medium-sized supermarkets deserve the opportunity to thrive in today’s grocery landscape despite the advancements of Fortune 500 chains.

That's why we're building the modern grocery operating system to help level the playing field.

Independent grocery retailers have already demonstrated their incredible resilience and ingenuity, but it’s time to give them a competitive edge by allowing them to leverage tailor-made advanced technology, and helping them foster a collaborative and supportive supply chain. The independent grocery industry is overdue for a system-wide reboot so that grocers can regain control of their destinies. 

As we peer into the future, we envision a world where independent retailers stand tall and thrive because they’ve modernized their operations with cutting-edge technology and novel strategies that cater to their unique needs. All at an astonishingly affordable price point. To get there, my team and I are heads down building and testing our end-to-end operating system

By persistently striving to fulfill our mission, our trailblazing technology is poised to revolutionize the business of grocery, granting grocers greater control, efficiency, and accuracy in managing their daily operations. Since our inception in November 2019 and the launch of our first product in March 2020, we’ve been pulled by our customer base to create more tools that address the needs of grocers. In June 2022, we released our Back Office Suite; and next on our roadmap is the modern grocery OS. It will integrate all back-office and front-of-house tools into a one-stop-shop platform, challenging the status quo around cost change detection and e-shelf labels, food waste and product spoilage, and engaging with shoppers. Our goal with the platform is to help you increase profitability and efficiency so that you are more competitive in the marketplace.

We’re confident this next iteration of Vori will be a powerful tool for the sustainability and growth of independents across the U.S.. Our collective efforts will shape the future and push the boundaries of what’s possible for independent retailers. 

We’re excited to invite you to get a first look. Sign up today to learn more about how Vori can reboot your destiny with a modern, operating system.

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